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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

But I Don't Want to Write Right Now

Ah, writer’s block.  Thou art the bane of a writer’s existence.  Normally I ignore you.  Normally you and I play a game of chicken, where you threaten to cut off my creative juices, and I continue to write anyway…daring you to do it.

This morning you are making progress.  I sit, pen and paper in hand, thinking about how determined I have been as of late to write a new blog post every week.  But you, writer’s block, you defy me.  You challenge me to make good on that vow, to find something of value to say to anyone who reads this.  Probably, you are laughing.

Life was so much easier when I posted to this blog sporadically.  If I was in the mood to write about something concerning, well, writing, I simply wrote it.  Since I wrote only when I felt like I had something to say, writer’s block held no sway.  It never even made an appearance.

My self-imposed deadline has changed all that.  Now I sit brainstorming, wondering what more I could say that might be relevant.

I have stared down writer’s block with many other writing tasks...played the game of chicken and emerged victorious.  Time to draft that book and no ideas are flowing?  No problem.  Just start writing.  Doesn’t matter if it’s garbage.  Eventually something worth saying will be said.  Ditto for the rewrites.  And also for my podcast segments.  This blog should be no different.  I should just start writing.  After several paragraphs of material destined for deletion, something good should come out of this.  I am too stubborn to fail.  Too stubborn not to write.  My stubbornness has served me well through every bout of writer’s block ever suffered.

Wait…I have just realized something.  My stubbornness has borne fruit once more.  I have started writing, despite the lack of what feels like inspiration…and look…here is a blog post.  Written utilizing exactly the same methods I have utilized with every past episode of writer’s block…by simply writing anyway.

Stubbornness, I love you!!

Happy Reading (and Writing)!

Clara  J