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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

But I Don't Want to Write Right Now

Ah, writer’s block.  Thou art the bane of a writer’s existence.  Normally I ignore you.  Normally you and I play a game of chicken, where you threaten to cut off my creative juices, and I continue to write anyway…daring you to do it.

This morning you are making progress.  I sit, pen and paper in hand, thinking about how determined I have been as of late to write a new blog post every week.  But you, writer’s block, you defy me.  You challenge me to make good on that vow, to find something of value to say to anyone who reads this.  Probably, you are laughing.

Life was so much easier when I posted to this blog sporadically.  If I was in the mood to write about something concerning, well, writing, I simply wrote it.  Since I wrote only when I felt like I had something to say, writer’s block held no sway.  It never even made an appearance.

My self-imposed deadline has changed all that.  Now I sit brainstorming, wondering what more I could say that might be relevant.

I have stared down writer’s block with many other writing tasks...played the game of chicken and emerged victorious.  Time to draft that book and no ideas are flowing?  No problem.  Just start writing.  Doesn’t matter if it’s garbage.  Eventually something worth saying will be said.  Ditto for the rewrites.  And also for my podcast segments.  This blog should be no different.  I should just start writing.  After several paragraphs of material destined for deletion, something good should come out of this.  I am too stubborn to fail.  Too stubborn not to write.  My stubbornness has served me well through every bout of writer’s block ever suffered.

Wait…I have just realized something.  My stubbornness has borne fruit once more.  I have started writing, despite the lack of what feels like inspiration…and look…here is a blog post.  Written utilizing exactly the same methods I have utilized with every past episode of writer’s block…by simply writing anyway.

Stubbornness, I love you!!

Happy Reading (and Writing)!

Clara  J


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time Traveling

I have a clock on my phone.  There’s one on my bedside table, too, so I know instantly, upon opening my eyes, exactly what time it is.  If need be, this clock can wake me at a specified hour.  The microwave in my kitchen also contains a clock.  As does my stove, just in case I happen to be facing the opposite direction.  No matter where I stand in my kitchen, I can see what time it is.  And if I climb inside my car to drive somewhere, well you guessed it, there’s a clock there, too.

This obsession with time helps me schedule my day.  Knowing what time it is allows me to run errands and be places I need to be, when I need to be there.  Because of my clocks, I can accomplish all the tasks that make up my day.  On good days this plethora of time-keeping devices tells me one more thing:  how much time I have to spend doing the things I actually want to do.  Like writing.  When all goes as planned, I do a lot of writing.  Currently I’m putting the finishing touches on Redemption, the final installment of my Desire Never Dies trilogy, scheduled to be released in June.  When I’m not polishing that book, I’m working on my next book, Exploits, which will kick-off my new 4-book series, Sex and Secrets.  Then, of course, there’s this blog post I’m writing right now, for my Creative Juices blog.  And last but not least, there’s the Revolution Gossip segment I do every week for the Revolution Diaries podcast.  That requires a bit of writing as well.

I love writing, so I really don’t mind all these jobs.  In fact, it’s the highlight of my day when I can find time to squeeze it all in.

Recently, however, I found it necessary to rejoin the workforce.  And even though it’s only part-time, it’s a time suck.  There’s just no other way of putting it.  It also coincides badly with my newfound determination to post more regularly on my blog.  All of my carefully planned and scheduled activities have been thrown into a tailspin.  People with full-time jobs, I salute you!!  Mind you, I’ve gone that route myself in the past.  Just not in a very long time.

Which brings me to the point of this entire ramble:  time.  We never seem to have enough of it.  Always there is more we need to do, more we want to do.  And until such time as someone finally invents a time machine, or Doctor Who becomes real and takes me on as his companion, I am left struggling for more time.

And staring at my clocks.

Happy Reading!

Clara  J

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reading, Writing & Author Love: Building the Author Love Network

Reading, Writing and Author Love:
Building the Author Love Network
I embarked on a little experiment recently.  Eager to increase my social media presence, I began sending out friend requests on Facebook to other authors, bloggers, reviewers and book lovers suggested by Facebook, based on friends we already had in common.  I wasn’t sure what I expected when I did this, and it’s possible I went a tad overboard, (like my hero, Nick, from Gossip, I sometimes dive right into a project with full-on enthusiasm).  Anyway, some 300+ friend requests later, (I know, eye roll, right?), I’m pleased to say my Facebook friendships soared from 20-something to 324.  At least, that was the count when I drafted this.  Amazing, isn’t it?  I mean, who am I really?  Some unknown, indie author, reaching out her hand in friendship, and sure, maybe hoping to sell a book or two.

I am thrilled and blessed by the warm welcome received by the timid extension of my hand.  The author community it turns out, is full of warm, welcoming, wonderful souls who took my hand and shook it firmly.  And while I would have been thrilled only with the multitude of new friendships, something even more amazing happened.  One of my newfound friends immediately offered to interview me…Author Love to Blakely Bennett!!  Tom Ufert is another new friend throwing support my way.  You rock, dude!!  Many new friends and I have exchanged pages shares, and Fiction’s Our Addiction is letting me take over their page on April 11th from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.  Dave Goodlove, Mick Mears, Jack Lacey and Jack Hayes have been supportive right from the start.  Their friendship brings me smiles on a daily basis.  J

To be clear, the Author Love Network I envision is not made up solely of novelists, but includes bloggers, reviewers, writers of every variety and, of course, readers.  It is simply a group of people who love the written word.  They are the people who share my hopes and dreams.  Those who support and encourage, and yes, sometimes tell me where I can improve.  Those who read my words and are moved by them.  I treasure this Author Love Network and the nourishment it provides.

There are some authors who might look at other authors and see only competition.  I believe this is a mistake.  We are all in this writing gig together, and the success of one is, in a very real way, the success of us all.  It takes a writer to really understand another writer.  Our support of one another is a bridge, a light, the presence of another in what is an otherwise solitary profession.  I am grateful for the camaraderie.

And because this post is all about building the Author Love Network, a place where creativity, love and inspiration flourish, and negativity is shunned, here’s my somewhat lengthy list of friends, both old and new, who are full of support and encouragement.  Memory and space being what they are, I know this list is incomplete, so if I’ve missed you, please feel free to PM me via Facebook or Twitter and I’ll be happy to give you a shout-out.  And, of course,everyone is welcome to include your name and the link of your choice in the comments section below!



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Happy Reading!

Clara  J